Prerequisites for the enrolment of overseas Greek students at primary or secondary schools in Greece

For the enrolment of a Greek student from Australia or New Zealand at a primary or secondary school in Greece, a certificate of the school he is currently attending is required, confirming:

1.      The current school year and

2.      The time period during which the student attended this year.

Following the above:

1.      The authenticity of the signature of the school principal must be certified by a notary public.

2.      An Apostille Stamp must be attached to the certificate.

3.      The certificate and the Apostille Stamp must be translated by an accredited translator.

4.      The signature of the accredited translator in the above translation must be verified by a Greek Consular Authority.

 Before starting the above procedure, it would be useful to contact the Melbourne Education Office at (03) 9193 9913 or at